Here’s your something blue! (photo taken at Botanical gardens for a small Savannah elopement)

Congratulations to everyone who got engaged over the holiday!!! #SheSaidYesSavannah WOOHOOO

#shesaidyessavannah, elope to savannah, engaged in savannah

#shesaidyessavannah, elope to savannah, engaged in savannah

Surprise engagement! Kyle proposes to Kaitlyn at beautiful Wormsloe…he made me run after them, but that’s another story….


I feel I have to explain…Kyle called me to plan out his surprise engagement session to his long-term girlfriend (they’ve been together since high school!) I try and find out what they will be wearing the night before, especially since most surprise engagements are coming from out of town and I’ve never met them before.  Kyle told me that just in case, he’d rather give me the type of car he was driving, a Honda CRV. Well, when they arrived at Wormsloe, I saw them and began to follow behind, assuming Kyle would propose pretty close to the entrance…not Kyle! He is a hard core hiker – or at least that is what it seemed like…he and Katilyn walked and walked – me all along trying to keep up, but also trying to avoid being seen by Katilyn, who still knew nothing about the surprise. After 5 mins of running with two cameras and my keys clanging, I thought “I have the wrong people!” – in fact, I looked back to the parking lot and saw not one, not two, but 3 Honda CRVs!!

There was no turning back, I had to find out if this was the couple -at this point, all I knew was their first names and they had a Honda and I had to find out right then,  since this running man did not seem like he was going to stop anytime soon to propose.

Out of breath, I called out “Hi! I’d like to take your photo for Wormsloe, if that is okay? My name is Jamie, what’s yours?”  Once I heard “I’m Kyle and this is Kaityn”, I felt so much better. Kyle then got on one knee and proposed.

Once my breath came back, and I told them the story, we all had a good laugh and it was definitely a “long-running” joke, no pun intended.

The first photo shows you how far back I was ! All I have to say, is I love my job, I have a million of these stories and this is what makes a memory.

Congrats to Kyle & Kaitlyn ! (Kaitlyn, try and keep up with Kyle, your marriage will be a wild ride!)

Yes, you can bring your kids to your engagement session – even the drooling ones


Don’t you just “Love” this one?

When the photo booth can’t come to you…We will make up our own! (P.S. We offer real ones for your reception

First dance…(Mackey House, Savannah)

It was dark! All we needed was: a happy couple, gorgeous venue (Mackey House), some car headlights – strobes and 2 photographers to make it happen!

Are you just so excited to be engaged!!! We are happy for you!!

Recently engaged and super happy about it?

In the Bathroom at the Gastonian – I know, I’m weird. But it was a pretty cool shot!

Gastonian Wedding Savannah Ga

Gastonian Wedding Savannah Ga

Wedding Party in downtown Savannah

Engaged in Downtown Savannah –

Your’e silly and crazy – he just loves you. Let’s remember it all with engagement photos

Engagement session at The Yacht Club

Downtown Savannah Engagement