We Love Dream Weaver Photos!

My team of photographers are experts in photography. You will feel at ease that when choosing a Dream Weaver Photos photographer, they will capture your day in every kind of lighting situation while being friendly, fun and will think quickly -in addition to being very organized. The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is answer questions about where to go or who to photograph. We take care of that for you and weeks prior!

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jamie weaver
We Love Jamie Weaver!

My story? Well, I came to Savannah to finish my college career as a crime scene photographer. It was so sad! So since I’m a bubbly, fun – jumping-around person – my husband and I decided that I would make a good wedding photographer. I Love photographing families – children, surprise engagements and every fun moment life brings us together! Speaking of life – I do know the secret to it. Want to know? Just ask me. xoxo

wedding photographers savannah ga
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