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Best Surprise Proposal Ideas By A Savannah Photographer

Best Surprise Proposal Ideas by a Savannah Photographer

8 Fun, Unique, and Easy to Pull Off Wedding Surprise Proposal Ideas & Tips for Every Couple

by Jamie Weaver “Surprise proposal ideas in Savannah, Ga by photographer: Dream Weaver Photos”

Asking for your partner’s hand in marriage is one of the most important moments of both of your lives. Of course, you want to ensure that this surprise proposal is unforgettable and one you will love to tell over and over again. In this article, I have compiled 10 proposal ideas from some amazing surprise proposals I have photographed in Savannah, Ga. Take any of these ideas and call me! I will add a little personality to make it perfect for the two of you.

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1. Scavenger hunt
Turn your proposal into a treasure hunt by asking me to do all the work for you! The fun of creating clues and treating the hunt like they were on  “Amazing Race” was right up my alley!  Since I  am a big fan of the show and made sure I knew what my couple wanted and what was important to them both.  I only spoke with William but he told me that this was their first time in Savannah and within 2.5 hours we went to all the “must-see” and most picturesque locations while eating chocolates and learning history.  I even had “fast-forwards” and each clue was personally designed for the couple. Each “hunt” is different and has special surprises around every corner.  The final clue was an epic finale but like marriage, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey!

surprise proposal columbia sq photographer in savannahAll Photography: Dream Weaver Photos

2. Picnic in the Park

Gather your blanket, wine with some plastic to-go cups (yes, allowed in Savannah!), some cheese & crackers, and a ring.  Your photographer can hide and be able to capture that beautiful smile and the YES!

surprise proposal wormsloe surprise proposal in forsyth park surprise proposal wormsloe surprise proposal tybee

3. Destination proposal
Another way to make a proposal unforgettable, do it during a planned trip with your loved one. It can happen during a weekend getaway to a beautiful city like Savannah, Ga! Research or call us and we can recommend places that are iconic so that when you come back to the city, you can return to Forsyth Park fountain or Tybee beach where you proposed.

surprise proposal tybee photossurprise proposal savannah photographer surprise proposal

4. Friends and Family can help
Allowing mom, dad, or friends to help with setting up roses on the beach, buying a sign, or being a part of the planning can really help.  The last picture above is of a mom and her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend down on one knee.  He asked her mom to take a photo of her posing just seconds before this picture was taken. The daughter was shown the picture of her and she saw him in the background on the cell phone photo! Wasn’t that a creative idea? Just a few more surprise proposal ideas by Dream Weaver Photos,  Savannah photographer.

surprise proposal

5. Ask Your Photographer to Act for You

Don’t know if it occurred to you but hiding behind a bush or tree and waiting for the right moment to capture one of the most important moments of your life can go horribly wrong.  Not trying to scare you but sometimes the person asking may not know the best lighting or every so often a passerby will walk right in front of the camera the second he gets down on one knee.  It might be a good idea to hire a photographer who can “act”.  I’ll explain it.  You and your photographer can devise a plan that the photographer is there to do a family photoshoot and needs to check her lighting on a couple. In this case, the photographer can place you in the right lighting and no one should come between you and the camera.  Having a code word works well, too.  Any amazing photographer will help you come up with a plan that you are both comfortable with.

surprise proposal in Savannah surprise proposalsurprise proposalsurprise proposal photos in Savannah Ga

6. Give me a Sign

You can take this advice in 2 ways – first, you can simply ask your photographer to bring a sign or two for a few posed shots after the proposal.  It’s just another way of adding some fun photos to your session.  Having your dog have a sign around his neck is very memorable as well.  The second way is to make this VERY personal.  The last 2 photos above are from a surprise proposal in Forsyth Park with Adrian and Sarah.  Adrian had an idea for me to buy letters and have tourists hold them up.  We glued them to some gold frame pieces and it made them easier to hold.  I had the tourists hide behind a tree and Adrian and I had a plan for him to kiss her and hold it for 5 seconds. (I explained this was a tradition at the historic fountain.  It isn’t. )  The tourists had five seconds to get into position and when Sarah turned around, her expression was priceless!

Surprise proposal in Columbia Square Savannah Carriage Toursengagement photographer in savannahhorse carriage ride surprise

7. Horse and Carriage Ride

Savannah is known for its horse and carriage tours and she won’t suspect a thing if you book this tourist favorite!  This is another unique surprise proposal idea you can pull off in  Savannah Ga. These amazing companies can take you pretty much anywhere downtown so we just arrive a little early at the predetermined park or square and grab that moment.  This is perfect for a quick 15 min photo session then you are on your way to celebrate and enjoy the ride.

8. Best advice ever

After photographing surprise proposals for over 10 years, I have learned a secret or two.  First, I’d like to speak with the person who is thinking of proposing; do it early in the trip.  You won’t regret getting it “out of the way” on the first or second day instead of waiting until the last. If you propose in the beginning of the trip, you will have a weekend filled with smiles and happiness.  Waiting until the last day is a little tricky.  You may get into a little argument or she could accidentally find the ring.  Many grooms-to-be said that after the proposal, they were so glad “it was over” so they could enjoy the weekend.  Also, don’t do anything out of the ordinary.  You will see the advice below to find out why.
This advice is for the person who may be getting asked. Usually, it’s a lady so I will speak to all the single ladies out there.  Why are you reading this? Ladies, if you think he is going to ask you, then stop looking at all the ideas and photos that someone else did. You will always compare and that is NOT a good thing.  I always ask a few questions like “did you know?” and “What did you think?” You will laugh at the answer to this because the man can’t win! Some girls said “I wish he had asked me to have my nails done”. But another said “He asked me to get my nails done so that ruined the surprise”. These poor guys are trying to do everything right so all I am saying is “don’t get your hopes up!”  You will be very disappointed if you are expecting fireworks and “Will You Marry Me, Jessica?” spelled out in clouds like the Wizard of Oz and get something else. Don’t lose sight of the goal! The person of your dreams asked you to marry them! And they planned a trip for you! Plus they hired a photographer to capture it! So now throw yourself into their arms and just say “YES!”

Good luck !

Jamie Weaver is a professional photographer who has photographed over 500 surprise proposals in her home of Savannah, Ga

A few photos from some of our surprise proposal ideas by Dream Weaver Photos,  Savannah Ga photographer

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