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First Page of Google (Savannah SEO)

First Page of Google. It’s the dream of all small businesses.  Luckily for me, I was introduced by a local guru – Lucas Renfroe from First Page Marketing.  Lucas shared his success story and tips and tricks for the rest of us “non-SEO-understanding-business-owners” with a few ways to put your business on the first page of Google. 

I had a blast photographing Lucas and his partners at our shoot.  I love corporate photography  and their team really knew what they wanted – they are hard workers and  use proven methods to  help increase their clients ranking on not only sites like Google, but also Bing  co , Yelp and others that millions of people search on to find who your target audience is!

I attended two short seminars that First Page Marketing offered and I learned a few tips and tricks that I will share with you.

  1. When you write a blog,  post it on your website and link back to your Facebook page. Here is an example of a senior photoshoot I did – I posted the blog and then shared it to my Dream Weaver Photos Facebook page ( to be clear, Do Not post the blog on Facebook first. See, YOU need more followers to your website, Facebook does not)
  2. Ask for backlinks  .  If you do not know what a backlink is – then you can click this link (which is a backlink)  If you like someone or a business in your industry then mention them in a blog and backlink their website, ask them to do the same for you!
  3. Make sure your site is optimized!  There are these things called h1 tags and h2 tags…now I am  a photographer so I don’t know the technical term for them but in normal terms, they are what the most important words are on your site (H1) and what the 2nd most important words are (H2) and then down from there .  That is what I know and I also  know that my site is optimized.  If you don’t, Lucas will show you!
  4. MOST IMPORTANT: “Google My Business”  (GMB) – your business should be on here and it should be consistent.  So you should have the same phone number – same address, spelled EXACTLY the same (not 213 E. Hall St for one listing and 213 East Hall Street  for others)   It’s free. It puts your business “on  the map”  literally.

I don’t know about you and your business, but I like taking photos – not SEO stuff so if this seems overwhelming, then leave it to the experts and give Lucas and his team a call!!


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