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Business headshots in Savannah: Red Gate Farms

Red Gate Farms, I’m so happy to be chosen as your head shot photographer! Savannah makes such a beautiful backdrop for photos.

Very Important Instructions:

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  • ~This gallery will expire 1 month! Download your photos to a hard drive/ thumb drive ASAP. After 1 month, you may be charged a fee to re-upload them again and we don’t want that.~
  • ~To see all your fantastic photos from your awesome Savannah photographer – click here~

Why get business head shots?

You show the world you mean business when you make the important decision to get you professional headshots.  Your competing with a vast audience on social media and the first impression you give to your potential clients is your headshot. Before you book your session,  make sure you get the results you want by checking out these tips:

What Is The Purpose Of The Headshot?
Every headshot has a purpose, and we need to figure yours out before you schedule a session. When we discuss the reason behind your headshots, that will dictate your clothing and makeup and hairstyle choices. We will chat about this so we can meet your expectations.

Formal or Casual?
A headshot shoot is not a fashion session. It is imperative that your headshot is a representation of who you really are. Dress  appropriately for your current profession or your potential workplace. If your headshots need you to appear as an expert and look knowledgeable and confident,  then your clothing should be formal and professional attire. If you are seeking a headshot that will be used mostly for social media sites, then a more casual look might be best.

What is Your Brand?
Whether you decide to go with a casual or formal look, it must be a good representation your brand. Your image should consist of style, colors, and impact among other things. We make sure that your headshots are aligned with the look and mission of your business.

The last thing you need to consider is the background for your headshots. Savannah has so many beautiful backgrounds for headshots.   Just as the clothes you are wearing make a statement, the background sets the stage for that.  for example, if your brand is to “sell Savannah” or your are based out of Savannah, outside photos would convey that message.


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