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Commercial Photo shoot Dr. Maynard , dentist photos

Our photo shoot at Georgetown Family Dental with Dr. Maynard went totally different that I expected- in a great way!  Gail, office manager, was instrumental in contacting real life clients and organizing the shoot. What impressed me so much was every client of Dr. Maynard’s was just so happy to share their beautiful smile for their favorite dentist!  Although Gail was kind enough to have a goody bag for them when they left the shoot, these were their real clients – who took time out of their busy day to support in what I would hear over and over again – “my favorite dentist”.  I couldn’t believe all the white teeth and laughter – silliness and genuine affection for not only Dr. Maynard, but his staff!  Sometimes I found it hard to keep my camera steady because of all the joking and I even had to start over a few times because they were “too happy”. does this EVER happen in a dentist’s office?  In fact…his customer service is so amazing that one of the actors/clients said they had a small problem with their tooth – well Dr. Maynard sprung into action and took care of it!  It was wonderful working with these fun living people. I am thinking about changing dentists now!!!!

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