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Frank and Amanda’s Wedding at Savannah Golf Club

Frank and Amanda’s wedding at Savannah Golf Club was steeped in tradition – from most of their relatives staying married for over 30 years to  “burying the Bourbon” and the finale – which I didn’t really understand – the wedding party hid drinks in the stretch Hummer limo and when they found them, they had to get out of the car and drink them while on their knees.  The burying the Bourbon is supposed to bring good weather (CHECK!), good health and good luck.  The flowers by John Davis were stunning and held up throughout the entire day and the ice sculpture was a beautiful mix of their different colleges & where they came from.  This wedding was all about love by and for Frank and Amanda’s friends and family – the groom went around to everyone – dancing and shaking hands – you would have thought he was running for office – except so completely genuine!  Amanda’s closest sidekick was her tiny niece who kept us all laughing by laying on her dress, dancing and hamming it up for every photo! We will all have to agree that one of the main highlights was a secret that their family and the DJ, Gary with – JLK EVENTS   put together.  Many of Frank and Amanda’s relatives couldn’t make it or were just too sick to travel – so the DJ called months ahead to get a recording of their best wishes to the newly married couple. These unique and special messages brought laughter and tears to everyone and it was just something I am so glad I got to witness.

They kept God first in their relationship and then their vows…and seeing how all the rest of the married couples in their family are STILL happily married, they may not need that Bourbon after all…but it didn’t hurt! Congratulations Frank and Amanda!!

To see all their photos – click here (more to come soon by 2nd photographer) Frank and Amanda’s wedding 

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