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Green Screen Photo booth – Bring “Savannah” to your party!

A green screen photo booth in Savannah will save your party! Savannah – its the biggest, smallest city I’ve ever lived in and it is hard to see all the beautiful places we have to offer over the weekend.  Whether or not you are coming in for a wedding or a corporate event and have little time to do the “tourist thing” – we can actually bring Savannah to your guests!  Choose up to 5 different Savannah scenes and from hundreds of popular places –Tybee Island, Wormsloe, Mercer House, Bethesda,  Bonaventure Cemetery , night time sor morning scenes – your guests will make the most of their time and take home a 4×6 of every scene in Savannah – printed that night!

Call or text or email to book yours!

Jamie 912.484.7990 [email protected]

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