Logan and Theresa – Surprise Proposal at Forsyth Park Savannah

Congratulations to Logan and Theresa who were engaged today!  Logan was the perfect boyfriend- turned fiance’ – because he planned everything perfectly! Choosing the perfect ring – he knew Theresa had an idea because just the day before she was feeling his pockets for a box – so Logan had a great idea – he put just the ring in his top pocket. A risky move that worked!  Theresa knew it was coming but since they bought the ring in January (this is May!) – she thought it might be this trip – or the next one – or …well Logan just kept her guessing.  He reached out to me to photograph the proposal and told me she was going to know – but we (think) we caught her off guard and in full surprise when Logan reached into his top pocket and grabbed the ring.  Her reaction is priceless! Congratulation you two on getting engaged in from of the historic Forsyth Park fountain in Savannah, GA!!!


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