Mackey House Photographer

Mackey House Photographer Savannah

Mackey House weddings are some of my favorite because of many amenities that they offer.  This house sits nestled minutes away from downtown Savannah, and since Dream Weaver Photos has been their preferred photographer for over 8 years – I know all the secrets places for amazing, southern-inspired photographs.   In fact, you can look through my (Dream Weaver Photos) previous Mackey House photos of  weddings here: Dream Weaver Photos Mackey House Wedding Photographer.  These are my favorite reasons why I love photographing at this hidden house in the woods:

  1. Location: Mackey House is about 15 mins away from the city of Savannah but when you arrive, you feel like you are in the heart of southern grace.
  2. Picturesque:  Driving down the winding road, you’ll see a huge oak tree that I have used time and time again for first look photos or the perfect backdrop for your wedding party.  The Mackey house front stairs and awesome red couch can be used for any theme. Check out this 1920’s  themed wedding I photographed here.  The grooms suit and the bride’s head piece made for a true amazing blast from the past!   Even night photos at the Mackey House are beautiful! It is very well light and with the right photographer, you can get some beautiful long exposure photos with no blur and really capture that light.  Here is a shot from my couple Katie& Steven (who have two kids now!) they gave me about 10 mins and we hit every evening spot out there without any interruption from their reception!
  3. Parking: Tons of space for your guests to park for free!
  4. Space: Speaking of space, the Mackey House has a pavilion, I mentioned the big tree for photos – next to the tree is a beautiful white fence for more photos,  always green grass ceremony site, directly above is the deck – perfect for dancing and eating! Michelle with Improvisions has decorated 90% of all my weddings I have photographed at the Mackey House and she is amazing.  Inside the home is great for the cake cutting and more eating. (If you clicked that link, you would have seen the most beautiful “naked cake” you’ve ever seen!)
  5. DIAMOND DAVE! (VIP Entertainment)  – He is one of my favorite amenities about the Mackey house.  Dave makes EVERYTHING run smoothly. He is kind, fun, professional and he is so easy to work with. More than “just a DJ”….Dave will even provide games like this one at your wedding for even more entertainment for your guests, Dave is your best friend, from the rehearsal to that sparkler exit, Dave helps in every way.  We’ve been friends for over 8 years and I adore working with him.

For all those reasons, I really love photographing at the Mackey house in Savannah, Ga. Beautiful wedding venue – inside and out.  Hopefully you will book me since I’ve got more photo secret spots that I will only share with you!

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