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Maternity Photos in Savannah Ga

What you should wear and think about for your maternity photos in Savannah, Ga:

  1. What type of style or theme you would like your photos to have? Maternity photos in Savannah, Ga can either look like Savannah or the photos can be in your home and look more intimate so consider your personal style along with some of your favorite things to do or places to go.   You can have lots of live oak trees like Wormsloe or a barn backdrop – or you can have your session on the beach or at the Forsyth Park fountain.  It’s all up to you!
  2. Determine when you would like to send out the announcements:  It is very common for couples to take photos in their nursery or just in the comfort of their own home, but if the your family wants the look and wants to show off that you did your maternity photos in Savannah , Ga then your photographer can  help you decide between many different and great locations to choose from. If you’re planning the photo shoot around the holidays, think about how you’d like to share your photos – Christmas cards or a baby announcement.
  3. Decide who you would like to take your photos with.  It’s fun for  couples to take photos together during a maternity shoot or even get some family photos. There is something so sweet about seeing a photo of big brother or sister-to-be hugging (or even wearing a stethoscope) interacting with  the baby in your belly.  If you decide to incorporate family photos during your maternity photos in Savannah – you don’t need to  stress out about everyone’s outfits!  Try to wear something flattering to you, keeping the background in mind and then throw some solids on to the rest of the family. Easy!
  4. Check the weather!   The weather can change from showers to sunshine in a matter of minutes and can change from chilly to warm or hot in a matter of days. Depending on what season you will be taking your photos in, you’ll want to be cozier during the winter months and  brighter and cooler during the summer season. The seasons will also give you a great starting point for choosing what colors you will wear for your photos. In Savannah, during the fall there will be bright autumn leaves and during March, we will have flowers blooming.
  5. Bring a couple of outfits so that you can get a nice variety of photos. If you are spending money on getting professional photos taken then, you might as well do a quick change and get photos in a different dress or outfit.. Plan two different outfits and making sure there is a place to change at the location. You can even bring a button down dress or even make the look a little different with a hat.

Your photographer can make suggestions but in the end, you want to be very comfortable (think easy shoes and things that won’t make you sweat!).  Sometimes you’ll wear an outfit that EVERYONE compliments you on- if you love it, wear that and we will work around it!

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