Sarah and Stephen at the Belle House Statesboro

Sarah and Stephen were married at the Belle House in Statesboro.  They like to joke that they “met in prison” (both officers) and their love of laughter and family was shown throughout the day.  Although it poured down rain, Sarah and Stephen had the best attitude and did their “first look” with a sweet hand written note to Stephen by Sarah.  Stephen made us all cry and made us feel like part of their family when he read the letter out loud – something I have actually never been a part of. Most couples want to keep their sentiments to themselves but Stephen got choked up when Sarah poured her heart out with love for her soon-to-be husband.   Jeff Wells, the DJ with Shockwave Entertainment  was amazing! He pretty much was the wedding planner and kept the wedding timeline moving along so everyone was able to get all the family photos they wanted in addition to the amazing “just us” with the bride and groom outside.  Sarah and Stephen even posed in the drizzling rain and let the umbrella down so we could photograph them on the beautiful green grass and blooming flowers.  Their son, JR, wasn’t his happy self at first but Jeff Wells made him smile and laugh for me so I could grab one of my favorite shots!  Much of the decor was done by hand with loving care and everything went perfect – Jeff Wells had the excited couple take part in some games that made the audience roll on the floor with laughter – the shoe game was a hit and the other best part was when Stephen had to dance for the garter. Sarah even gave him a thumbs down at first so he had to try again! This was not a boring wedding – it was a party surrounded by their family and friends.  So happy for you guys!! love Jamie Weaver

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Sarah and Stephen wedding photos at the Belle House