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Surprise proposal in Savannah at Wormsloe Plantation- Joseph and Lauren

What a beautiful surprise engagement at Wormsloe Plantation ! I am so excited that I was able to be a part of this amazing photo shoot! Great job Joseph!

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Tips and Tricks on How To Pull off A Surprise Proposal in Savannah: (so you can be like Joseph!)

1. Remember, your partner might be expecting the proposal
If you’ve had a lengthy relationship with your partner, you may have already discussed marriage a few times. If this is the case, he or she may already be expecting a proposal at some point. Don’t let this discourage you from a planned surprise! Maybe plan an extended date — like a long day at the beach, an evening that stretches deep into the night, or even a week’s vacation in a beautiful city. Just provide a few special, intimate moments that would appear perfect for popping the question, but don’t propose just yet! Once your partner is on the edge of their seat and wondering if you’re ever going to pop the question – find that perfect place and propose.  Although expected, you will have created a moment of happiness, love and joy.

2. Location, location, location! (Like Wormsloe Plantation, Forsyth Park or one of the squares in downtown Savannah)  
Choosing the perfect place for a proposal is crucial. Nothing expresses love quite like a meaningful, well-planned backdrop. When planning your proposal location, ask yourself: What types of environments are  meaningful to your partner? Is there a place your soulmate has talked about wanting to go?  Wherever you propose, make sure it’s somewhere that shows your love  for your partner.

3. Keeping it a secret from your partner.

Keep the number of people who know about the proposal at a minimum. The fewer number of  family & friends who know, the better.

4. Hire a photographer who knows what to do

Chances are, your partner is going to want photos or videos of the special moment you proposed. So don’t forget to book a photographer! Dream Weaver Photos is the wedding photographer in Savannah, GA who has captured hundreds of surprise proposals in downtown Savannah and all the parks and squares.  Choose a professional with experience in surprise proposals; one who understands the details of such a big event. You’ll want a photographer who knows exactly how to collaborate with you for such an occasion — one who will be sure to gather enough information about exactly where and when you’ll be proposing. They’ll need to be inconspicuous as they capture the big moment, or if you discuss some other plan the photographer may have .Do  your research, and make sure to ask for portfolio pictures of any photographer you interview.

A well-planned surprise proposal can be exciting, intriguing, and totally legendary.  We are rooting for you! So plan creatively, be careful to keep everything secret, and have fun. Lastly, don’t forget the photos! This will be a moment to be shared for many generations to come.


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