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Savannah Weddings – From Clients to Friends…Tami & Jeanene’s

Savannah Weddings

From Clients to Friends…Tami & Jeanene’s

Instant connection. That’s how I would describe not only Tami and Jeanne’s first meeting about 6 years ago but also my first meeting with them at a local Savannah Bridal Show for Savannah weddings in February 2017.
I was lucky enough to be chosen as their photographer so the first thing we did was get to know each other – my favorite way is through engagement photos! Tami and Jeanene’s engagement session in Savannah took us all over – Forsyth Park and this funky graffiti place where we got a little nervous at our surroundings – but the photos came out beautiful!
same-sex savannah photographer
While driving along, I got to hear their story and they have allowed me to share it with you.
Their Meeting:
Tami and Jeanene met because of a Paramedic school project!
Tami was doing an ethics project for class (watching people run red lights) and while she was counting these criminals (lol)  – Jeanene, driving a transport van ran a red light because she was looking at Tami! If you ask Jeanene, she stills says it was yellow. A mutual friend, Kristy, made sure they connected and they have been each other’s green light through some dark times.
Our Story:
From the moment Tami & Jeanene booked this excited Savannah photographerthey have kept me in the loop with all of their plans.  Tami has texted me daily – first to give me their engagement session ideas all over their favorite Savannah spots – Wet Willies, Riverstreet Sweets, and parks plus to make sure I got their personalized names on their Converse tennis shoes !
One day I got a text from Tami saying that she wanted a water slide at their wedding but Jeanene compromised with a photo booth! This cute couple would send myself and others  their own personalized Bitmoji’s in various moods (“excited” because things are coming together – “upset” because something went wrong) and  since these cartoon faces were such a big part of how they communicated with everyone- we decided to use their personalized ones as their photo booth strip:savannah photobooth
I enjoyed meeting them more than once to go over details and my daily texts of just “Hi! – How are you?” from Tami – and since Jeanene was busy going to nursing school, Tami would tell me little things Jeanene did for her to make her smile. It made me get to know them on a friend basis, not just clients.  They even bought me a shirt that said “Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, never owned a camera.” I wore it at their rehearsal dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack .   (<-Jamie with Jeanene and Tami on Riverstreet after theri rehearsal dinner)
Their Wedding at the Mackey House:
Michelle with Improvisions took their theme of purple and orange (Clemson colors) and decorated this Savannah venue hidden in the woods beautifully. What I loved was the cascading bouquet of flowers same sex couple savannah wedding and the bright orange bouquets that our bridesmaids got to carry down the aisle. wedding flowers orange and purple savannah
Their first look was epic! They were blindfolded with orange and purple ties.  Tami surprised Jeanene by giving her a gift of charms to Jeanene’s charm bracelet wedding gift savannah
and they each wrote letters which they wrote me over the weekend and said they already framed them!
first look savannah
The first look gave us over an hour to get some photos of the two of them and their wedding party and family
same sex wedding savannah photographer same sex wedding savannah photographer same-sex wedding Savannah photographer wedding photographer savannah same-sex bridesmaids photos savannah
Tami also had bridesmaids but they were decked out with stylish suspenders and matching bowties from InStyle    wedding suspenders purple and orangesame sex wedding savannahties and suspenders wedding purple and orange
Right before they walked down the aisle, a huge overcast was welcomed and cooled down the ceremony site a few degrees until it was time for the reception!
mackey house wedding
They ate and danced at the pavilion and then Michelle moved them to the deck where the party took place! Magnolia Grill made some delicious food!
mackey house wedding
The gorgeous & delicious cake & cupcakes came from Rum Runners
wedding cake savannah rum runners
The photo booth and memory book were a huge hit and Tami and Jeanene purchased perfectly sized photo booth frames  with a special note for each guest as another favor for the guests to take home! savannah photobooth
Talk about doing the details! They gave me some time to get photos of the sparkling lights outside and the night ended with a sparkler exit! night photos mackey house
I felt more like family and less like just a photographer taking photos. Thank you for making your wedding so special to me!

These were just a few of my favorites…but there are so many more –Click here to see all the photos from Tami & Jeanene’s Wedding at the Mackey house in Savannah Ga

Decor & flowers: Michelle Roberson with Improvisions of Grace (Savannah, Ga)
Hair & Make up : April Sanders Youmans
Tami’s & her girls suits: Pants/Shirts: Kohls 
Suspenders & Bowties: InStyle Oglethorpe Mall 
Jeanene’s wedding dress: Elegant Bridals , August GA
bridesmaids dresses: David’s Bridals
Photographer: Dream Weaver Photos


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