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How They Asked: Surprise Proposal On Tybee Island

How They Asked: Surprise proposal on Tybee Island

Imagine my surprise when The Knot published a surprise proposal on Tybee Island that I photographed! Here is a little snippet from Zach and Natalie’s story:

“Zach moved to Savannah, Georgia, to start a new job in May. Due to the global pandemic, I was able to tag along for a few months as I was working remotely. The plan was for Zach’s parents to visit in July and bring me back to Michigan. Little did I know Zach was planning so much more for that weekend!

On Friday, July 17th, Zach and I went out to dinner. We had plans afterward to go see the sunset on Tybee Island, as we did often the past few months. The plan was for his family to meet us there, so we could get some cute photos before I left.

When we arrived, Zach suggested we go to a more secluded area on the beach while we wait for his family. As we approached I saw a heart in the sand made of rose petals. Next thing I know, Zach was down on one knee… of course, I said yes!

Immediately after his family popped out, and they said there was one more surprise… I turned around and my family had traveled to witness the moment too! Everything was perfect, and it couldn’t have gone any better.”

As a photographer who specializes in surprise proposals, I love having a plan and Zach’s mom was so easy to work with!  You could tell that she truly loved both her son and his fiance’- to-be.  I was so impressed that the family had small signs made up and brought rose petals to make a heart in the sand.   Arriving an hour early to make sure everything was set up and we had plenty of parking spots!  I even brought my own daughter and her friend so I could pretend I was photographing those 2 instead of Zach and Natalie.  I made my kids pose and act like models!  They had fun and it helped make this proposal truly a surprise!

To read their full love story…click below…or to plan your own surprise proposal. here’s a blog to help you!

How They Asked – Natalie and Zach – surprise proposal on Tybee Island 

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